Visionary Consultant

consultantthumbAs a consultant to government and business leaders at the highest levels in the U.S. and in countries as far reaching as Australia and New Zealand, she convinces policy makers that full human resource utilization is a “bottom line issue.”  Her seminars on human empowerment were in such high demand that in the late 1970s one seminar workbook, “Personal Power,” sold over 10,000 copies, even though it was self-published and was never marketed.  Dr. Lord described her work as “Positive Use of Personal Power” in the 1970s—15 years before Tony Robbins began to talk about personal power as a motivational tool.

Dr. Lord’s inspiring ideas for the empowerment of women and for achieving workforce diversity have been communicated nationally and internationally to millions via newspaper and magazine articles, television shows, and radio interviews.

She has been interviewed on scores of television and radio shows in the U.S. and abroad, ranging from The Ed Sullivan Show and Lou Dobb’s Moneyline in the U.S.; to Australia’s 60 Minutes (twice); to New Zealand’s Sharon Crosbie talk show and Australian newscasts hosted by Blair Stone.  She has also been featured in hundreds of newspaper and magazine articles in publications such as the Washingtonian and Savvy magazines; The Washington Post; The Age (Australia); The Sydney Morning Herald; New Zealand’s National Business Review; Australia’s Business Review Weekly; The New Zealand Listener; and The Australian Director.

She is one of only two American women to be named an Honorary Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management (AIM).  Two leading Australian business magazines have included her among Australia’s most prominent business leaders. Business Review Weekly profiled her career in “People At The Top.” Australian Business included her in “Interviews with 20 Top Business Leaders.”  Lynton Hayes, Director of the Perth AIM, describes her as a “World Champion of Equal Opportunities for Women.” Both the Australian and New Zealand Institutes of Management have featured her in their Management magazines. The New Zealand Listener described her keynote address to the first New Zealand Women in Business conference as being “the font of inspiration.”  She was frequently the keynote speaker for inaugural conferences which resulted in the formation of permanent organizations.

Currently, Dr. Lord continues to consult with organizations, to teach, and to advise and mentor clients throughout the world, many of whom have risen to prominent leadership positions:  university professors, CEOs of national corporations, small business entrepreneurs, and Prime Ministers and senior executives in governments.

In November 2012, she was the keynote speaker for the Inaugural Australasian Summit on Gender Diversity.  The conference, held in Auckland, NZ, explored the participation and representation of women and men on government and corporate governance boards, and provided guidance for aspiring and current leaders, reinforcing concepts that Dr. Lord had introduced in Australia and New Zealand more than 25 years earlier.  “It was honor to be included with cabinet members, economists, financial market experts, and senior managers,” Dr. Lord said. “The speakers represented organizations that are leading gender equity change in private, public and not-for-profit sectors.”