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Selected Events Involving Dr. Lord


Video: Coach Pat Summitt Honors Dr. Sharon Lord For Her Contributions to the Creation Of Tennessee Womens’ Athletics And The Lady Vols

Video: The Power Of Music In Children’s Lives–Address At Dedication of the Dr. Sharon Lord Music Suite, Pellissippi State Community College

Video:  Dr. Lord becomes Dolly Parton (and plays saxophone) at her 50th Birthday Party In New Zealand.  LOTS OF FUN!

Saving The Un.Tn. Lady Vols Athletic Program and Name and Logo. (2012-2017). Numerous TV and radio appearances; speeches at rallies and public demonstrations; meetings with university and community leaders; educational sessions for athletes and former athletes on strategies for effective social change; and financial funding for SAVE LADY VOLS t-shirts.

Victory Celebrations for Reinstatement of Lady Vols Athletic Program
(September 2017-Present)  LOTS OF FUN!

 West Virginia University/University of Pittsburgh Air Force ROTC–“Dining In” Event. Keynote Speaker. Topic: Leadership.

“Current Research On Psycho-Acoustical Healing And The Use of Music In Parkinson’s And Alzheimer’s Disease,” University of Tennessee Medical Center, Department of Dentistry.

“Breaking The Silence: Healing The Wounds”–National Research Study Conducted By Lord On Effects of Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault. Numerous presentations.

“Strategies For Dealing With Challenging Transitions Including Death, Terminal Illness, and Loss Of A Loved One.”  Individual and group sessions.

“Creating Healthy Lifestyles.” Numerous individual and group sessions.

“Current Status of Today’s College Campuses and Their Approach to Title IX, Sexual Assault, and Sexual Harassment.”  Individual and group consultations.

“Title IX And Sexual Assault: A Contemporary Analysis.”

Sessions on Gender Diversity, Including Keynote Speaker at AUSTRALASIAN GENDER DIVERSITY SUMMIT, Auckland, NZ–Topic: “Women On Corporate, Community, and Government Boards.”

Speaker at U.S. Universities on Numerous Topics. Example:  Marshall University–Event Honoring Dr. Simon Perry And The Center for Constitution Democracy.

Exploring the Creation of a Biotech Center in Memphis, TN. Consultant.

Numerous Government Addresses, Including Tennessee Valley Authority Auditors Conference. Keynote Speaker.