Cross Cultural/Ancient Wisdom

reflectionsthumbOf English, Scots-Irish, and Shawnee descent, Sharon Melanie Lord has studied in depth with individuals and teachers who share the wisdom of indigenous peoples. Wallace Black Elk, Grace Spotted Eagle, Brooke Medicine Eagle, and Oh Shinnah were among her early teachers in the mid-80’s.

Since 1983 until today, the Maori people of New Zealand have inspired and shared their wisdom with Kahukura (Sharon’s Maori’s name).  Her primary teacher of the Maori language is  Niwa Short.  Her whanau from Wellington Polytechnic University– comprised of Nonoriheke, Makere, and the other precious souls who tolerated her initial ignorance–are an important part of her Earth family.

Timoti te Heuheu, whom she met in 1983 in Taupo, New Zealand, was the first Maori person she ever met.  From that first synchronistic meeting, their deep soul connection resulted in a friendship which guided her Earth journey until 2012 and now guides her from the spirit world. Her writings, poetry, and artwork inspired by these experiences will appear on this page.

Items In Main Image:

Painting on Deerskin:  Rainbow Woman’s (Sharon’s) medicine shield was painted during her Return To Spirit Retreat with Brooke Medicine Eagle, 1990.

Prayer Arrow: Rainbow Woman’s prayer arrow was created during a three-day solo vision quest on the Continental Divide, 1989.

Djimbe Drum was created by Sharon in  workshop led by Sucra (Seed), a student of African Drummer Olatunji. Workshop sponsored by Texas artist Livingston Caldwell, 2002.

Moccasins made for Rainbow woman by Native American Artist in New Mexico.

Tiki:  Hand carved creation for Kahukura (Rainbow Woman) by Nonoriheke, depicting wisdom of the Owl.