Living The Life of a “Renaissance Woman”

reflectionsthumbWhile delivering the commencement address at Davis and Elkins College, Sharon Lord was introduced as a “Renaissance Woman,” an especially meaningful descriptor for Lord, who as a young WVU English major, always wondered if there were only “Renaissance men.”  Achieving expertise in several fields, as well as accomplishments in the humanities, is the essence of Renaissance men and women.

Sharon, a musician, published poet, dancer, songwriter, novice farmer, nature lover, step-parent and grandmother, has always stressed the importance of creating a life which balances “Bread and Roses.”

She practices this philosophy daily, incorporating poetry, music, and other arts into moments throughout the day.  In addition to her consulting and public speaking engagements, Dr. Lord is working on several books:  My Love Affair With New Zealand; Reflections on Treaties and Tangata Whenua (Prose and Poetry); and The Lord Storybook Series,  a multi-volume collection of stories from her life.