Inspiring People Around the World

betterbirdA natural storyteller, Dr. Lord has used this skill to teach everyone from freshman college students to heads of state.  Her seminars and workshops are popular partly because she laces in stories that relate directly to the experiences of the participants.

She draws on the heritage of storytelling from her native Appalachia, plus the oral traditions of native wisdom that date back centuries.

No two presentations by Dr. Lord are alike; she takes the time to learn about the organization she is addressing, and she customizes her message so that it is of the most value to the audience.

Her stories and messages offer insights into better ways to run a business, connect with colleagues, or improve personal power.

Dr. Lord’s speaking and seminar topics include:

  • Positive Use of Personal Power
  • Transitions:  Taking Charge of Challenge and Change
  • Exploring Inner Space:  Creativity and Problem Solving
  • Creating A Healthy Lifestyle
  • Womanpower:  A Global Perspective
  • Creating Bread and Roses in a Balanced Life
  • Full Utilization of Human Resources:  It’s Good For The Bottom Line
  • The Billion Dollar Vehicle:  Tapping Energy and Managing Stress
  • Creating A Vision for Your Organization
  • Effective Use of Personal Power:  A Gender Analysis
  • Strategies For Career Enhancement and Life Management
  • Balancing Masculine and Feminine Energies:  A Path To Health
  • Team Building Through Personal Empowerment
  • Effectiveness In A Global Marketplace
  • Thriving In The Midst of Chaos
  • Breaking Through:  Career Strategies For Women
  • Positive Outcomes:  Strategies For Affirmative Action
  • Increased Personal Effectiveness In A Global Environment