A Prolific Writer

Dr. Lord has authored and co-authored numerous books, seminar manuals, and scholarly articles, and presented papers at more than 100 professional meetings and college campuses throughout the United States, Panama, Germany, Yugoslavia, Australia and New Zealand.

She has also directed the development of and edited several publications.  While Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, Dr. Lord directed the publication of The Department of Defense Honors Women In The Development and Advancement of Our Nation (1981, published in cooperation with the Pentagon Chapter of Federally Employed Women); Women In America’s Defense (1982); and Black Americans in Defense of Our Nation (1982).

Her books include:

Lord, Sharon B, Liz Wyman, Nan Scott, and Mary Ellen McLoughlin The Female Experience in America:  DevelopmentCounseling and Career IssuesNewton Mass: Educational Development Center, 1979. Pp. xxii + 208.

Explores a variety of issues relevant to female development.  Two major units focus on female socialization and the development of career patterns and life styles.  The first unit examines the treatment of women in counseling and psychotherapeutic settings and suggests guidelines for bias-free counseling and therapy.  The second unit provides material for counseling women facing critical situations such as depression in middle age, divorce, rape, birth control, and a variety of health problems.

 Lord, Sharon B., and Carolyn Patton-Crowder. Appalachian Women.  Newton, Mass. Educational Development Center, 1979. Pp. xv + 184.

Focuses specifically on the experiences unique to females reared and living in the Appalachian Mountains.  The student is introduced to these experiences through poetry, music, and prose created by the mountain women.  Other units explore sex-role development of females, Appalachian models for traditional and non-traditional roles, and issues relevant to work, health, and education.

Allman, Joanna, Sharon B. Lord, Karl White, and Linda Clark.Understanding Sex Roles and Moving Beyond. Newton, Mass.: Educational Development Center, 1979. Pp. xx +194.

Focuses on understanding sex roles in American society, examining the variables that contribute to sex-role stereotyping, and developing strategies for moving beyond these stereotypes.  Material for helping students examine sex roles in different cultures is included.

Allman, Joanna, Pat Bell Scott, Manan Hardin, and Sharon B. Lord. The Black Female Experience in America. Newton, Mass.: Educational Development Center, 1979. Pp. xviii + 138.

Begins by examining the historical roots of Black American women, including the experience of slavery and the progress made toward achieving racial and sexual equality from the period of reconstruction through the Civil Rights movement of the 1960s.  Other materials explore Black feminism, the strengths of the Black family, and the psychological dynamics of being a minority person in America.

Lord, Sharon B. Resources of the Upper South Branch Valley, West Virginia

Bulletin 551; West Virginia University Agricultural Experiment Station, June, 1967.

Lord, Sharon B.  Personal Power:  A Book of Readings.  Published in U.S. (1979; numerous reprints throughout the 1980s) and Australia (1984).

Personal Power sold more than 10,000 copies, even though it was self-published and was never marketed.

Lord, Sharon B.  Self Concepts of Appalachian Children:  A Comparative Study Of Economically Poor and Economically Advantaged Children Using The Piers-Harris Self-Concept Inventory.  Indiana University, 1970.  Dissertation.

Dr. Lord has published numerous copyrighted seminar manuals.  Selected titles include:

  • Creating Bread and Roses in a Balanced Life
  • Personal Power
  • Full Utilization of Human Resources:  It’s Good For The Bottom Line
  • Team Building Through Personal Empowerment
  • Effectiveness In A Global Marketplace
  • Thriving In The Midst of Change
  • Breaking Through:  Career Strategies For Women
  • Positive Outcomes:  Strategies For Affirmative Action
  • Increased Personal Effectiveness In A Global Environment

While her books are currently out of print, copies are often available online at Amazon and other sellers.