Dr. Lord has authored or co-authored scores of articles in newspapers and business/professional publications.  At the right are representative samples.



Selected Articles in Books and Journals

Lord, Sharon B.  “Teaching the Psychology of Women: Examination of a Teaching/Learning Model,”  Vol 7, Issue 1 of American Psychology Association Psychology of Women Quarterly, 1982.

Lord, Sharon B. Book Review of Johnny’s Such a Bright Boy, What a Shame He’s Retarded by Kate Long. Houghton Mifflin, 1979. In Appalachian Journal.

Lord, Sharon B. “Humanizing the world of work.” In Bette A. Stead (Ed.), Women in Management. Englewood Cliffs, N.J.: Prentiss Hall, 1978.

Lord, Sharon B. “This is Maude Stuart Country.” Appalachian Journal. 1978.

Lord, Sharon B. “Teaching the psychology of women: Examination of a teaching learning model.” Psychology of Women, 1978.

Lord, Sharon B. “An Examination of Appalachian Values, American Values, and Higher Education in the Appalachian Region. A Tale of a Mountaineer.”

Paper originally prepared for the Conference on the Role of Colleges in Southern Appalachia.“Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow.” Appalachian Consortium, Mars Hill, North Carolina, June 24, 1976.

Reprinted in Appalachian Women, Lord and Crowder, Newton, Mass., 1979.

Lord, Sharon B. “Practical Approaches to Educational Equity.” Contemporary Psychology, 1978, 23(10), 769-770.

Lord, Sharon B. “The subtleties of sexism: A short, short story.” In F D. Aquila and J. Himmel (Eds.), A Quest For Equality: Title IX, The Second Year, Indianapolis, Indiana: Indiana University, 1977.

Lord, Sharon B. “Sex roles today: what’s happening to woman’s role?” Journal of the Association for the Study of Perception, Fall, 1975, 10(11), 1974.

Lord, Sharon B. “Humanizing the world of work,” Survey of Business, May-June 1975.

Lord, Sharon B. “The Process.” Proceedings of National Conference on Men and Masculinity. Knoxville, Tennessee: College of Education, The University of Tennessee, 1975.

Lord, Sharon B.  “Educator! Educate Her!” Tennessee Education, Fall, 1974, 4(3).

Lord, Sharon B. “Selected bibliography on sex roles and non-sexist education and educational materials.” Tennessee Education, Fall 1974.  4(3)

Lord, Sharon B. and Clark, L. “What’s your sexism quotient?” Tennessee Education, Fall 1974, 4(3).

Lord, Sharon B. “Women’s studies and the behavioral sciences.” Women’s Studies Workshop Monograph, Fall, 1974 Macon, Georgia: Wesleyan College.

Lord, Sharon B. “A new day is dawning:  Changing role of women in society.” Monograph published by Girl Scout Association for Distribution to Professional Adult Workers in Scouting, 1972.