Change Agent for Women

A lifelong pioneer for women, Dr. Lord’s career is a “template for shattering glass ceilings.”  A civil rights change agent, her leadership has built bridges across races, genders, cultures, and political perspectives.  More


Using storytelling, left-brain analysis, right-brain wholistic imagery, humor and creative approaches to problem solving, Dr. Sharon Lord engages audiences around the world in inspirational experiences on an unlimited variety of empowering topics. More


As President Reagan’s Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense with responsibility for equal opportunity and all aspects of safety and industrial hygiene worldwide, she held the equivalent rank of a three-star general.  More

lordthumb10Appalachian Innovator

Proud of her West Virginia Appalachian background, Sharon has exercised leadership in the empowerment of Appalachian people through her academic research and teaching; her poetry and prose;  by being the first chairperson of the national Appalachian Studies Association; and by founding the Appalachian Center For Educational Equity.  More


A natural storyteller, Dr. Lord has used this skill to teach everyone from freshman college students to heads of state.  Her seminars and workshops are popular partly because she laces in stories that relate directly to the experiences of the participants.  She draws on the heritage of storytelling from her native Appalachia, plus the oral traditions of native wisdom that date back centuries.  More

Creative Artist

Musician, published poet, painter, dancer, songwriter, novice farmer, and artist of the spirit,  Dr. Lord is honored that she has often been referred to as a “Renaissance Woman,” having only heard the reference “Renaissance Man” as an English major at university.  More


As a professor at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Dr. Lord created a national model curriculum in gender equity, founded the Appalachian Research Center for Educational Equity, and coordinated three national research conferences.  Her work was recognized by the National Science Foundation and the U.S. Office of Education.  More

Cross Cultural/
Ancient Wisdom

Of English, Scots-Irish, and Shawnee descent, Sharon Melanie Lord has studied in depth with individuals and teachers who share the wisdom of indigenous peoples. Wallace Black Elk, Grace Spotted Eagle, Brooke Medicine Eagle, and Oh Shinnah were among her early teachers in the mid-80’s. More

lordthumb9Visionary Consultant

An international consultant to government, business, and academia, Dr. Lord’s work empowers individuals and organizations to maximize their human potential. Positive use of personal power is her specialty. More


As a scholar, researcher, and creative writer, Dr. Lord authored and co-authored seven books, a myriad of research articles, dozens of professional papers, and numerous seminar workbooks. Currently, she is creating her memoirs in the form of a storybook series for adults and children.  More

West Virginia Cabinet

In 1985, Dr. Lord was appointed to the cabinet post of Commissioner of Human Services in her home state of West Virginia, the first woman to hold this position.  The agency had 3,000 employees and a budget of 640 million dollars.  More


Dr. Lord contributes to a number of causes and organizations. She is a scholarship sponsor for the University of Tennessee Lady Vols Athletics, along with Virginia Tech University and others. The Steinway Music Suite at Pellissippi State Community College is named after her.  Recently, she was sponsor of the 40th Anniversary Season Gala of the Knoxville Opera.  More