Using storytelling, left-brain analysis, right-brain wholistic imagery, humor and creative approaches to problem solving, Dr. Sharon Lord engages audiences around the world in inspirational experiences on an unlimited variety of empowering topics. More

lordthumb9Visionary Consultant

An international consultant to government, business, and academia, Dr. Lord’s work empowers individuals and organizations to maximize their human potential. Positive use of personal power is her specialty. More

lordthumb8Change Agent for Women

A lifelong pioneer for women, Dr. Lord’s career is a “template for shattering glass ceilings.”  A civil rights change agent, her leadership has built bridges across races, genders, cultures, and political perspectives.  More

lordthumb6Pentagon Leader

As President Reagan’s Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense with responsibility for equal opportunity and all aspects of safety and industrial hygiene worldwide, she held the equivalent rank of a three-star general.  More


As a scholar, researcher, and creative writer, Lord authored and co-authored seven books, a myriad of research articles, dozens of professional papers, and numerous seminar workbooks. Currently, she is creating her memoirs in the form of a storybook series for adults and children.  More


As a professor at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Dr. Lord created a national model curriculum in gender equity, founded the Appalachian Research Center for Educational Equity, and coordinated three national research conferences.  Her work was recognized by the National Science Foundation and the U.S. Office of Education.  More

lordthumb10Appalachian Innovator

Proud of her West Virginia Appalachian background, Sharon has exercised leadership in the empowerment of Appalachian people through her academic research and teaching; her poetry and prose;  by being the first chairperson of the national Appalachian Studies Association; and by founding the Appalachian Center For Educational Equity.  More

lordthumb5Creative Artist

Musician, published poet, painter, dancer, songwriter, novice farmer, and artist of the spirit,  Dr. Lord is honored that she has often been referred to as a “Renaissance Woman,” having only heard the reference “Renaissance Man” as an English major at university.  More

Video Examples

Coach Pat Summitt Honors Dr. Sharon Lord For Her Contributions to the Creation Of Tennessee Womens’ Athletics And The Lady Vols (via Lady Vols Nation).

Dr. Lord becomes Dolly Parton (and plays saxophone) at her 50th Birthday Party In New Zealand. LOTS OF FUN!

The Power Of Music In Children’s Lives–Address At Dedication of the Dr. Sharon Lord Music Suite, Pellissippi State Community College

in defense of saving The Lady Vols Brand at The University of Tennessee, Dr. Sharon Lord (Center, with pom-pom) sings with The Front Page Follies singers a parody of “Stand By Your Man” called “Stand By Our Brand.”


Sharon Burmeister Lord, Ph.D.
Dr. Sharon Burmeister Lord’s distinguished career, national and international leadership, and recognition and awards span across the United States—from Hawaii to Washington, D.C., and across continents—from Australia to Germany; from New Zealand to Poland. She has been described as a “trailblazer,” a “pioneer,” a “Renaissance woman,” and a change agent who “transforms organizations and individuals.” Her career has been described as a “template for breaking glass ceilings” in local, state, federal, and international arenas.

Dr. Lord’s creative approaches to leadership and empowerment, expressed in her books, articles, speeches, and seminars, have resulted in an international career which spans business, government, and academia. (Read more)

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Dr. Lord has appeared in hundreds of newspaper and magazine articles, along with articles in professional journals. (Read more)

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